A Book of Mediations for Every Day of the Year

by James Allen




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Every day is a new beginning and not a mere repetition of the previous day.
Hence each day should be spent wisely and fruitfully. As today's life is
becoming hectic and busy, we are prone to illnesses and mental disturbances.
Therefore, now, more than ever in the past, we need to spend a few minutes in
meditation. This will give us the necessary spiritual and mental poise to enter
upon our duties in the proper frame of mind. The meditations given in this book
for each day of the year keep us company and, at intervals when we pause
from our work, recharge our energies. We also acquire peace and strength to
sustain us through the stressful life. Includes meditations for the days of the
year to keep readers company and, at intervals when the pause from their
work, recharge from their work, recharge their energies. 148 pp.




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