A Collection of Thoughts; Or, Key to Scripture

by J. L. Stone




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The question is often laced with frustration and discouragement: "How can Christians read and study the same Bible, yet come away with opposite conclusions?" Perhaps you too have been asked the very same question. Every Christian should be able to study and gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures concerning salvation, grace, and the second coming of Christ. These are fundamentals of the faith, yet many believers struggle with these truths from Scripture for themselves. Scripture has literary, supernatural, historical, grammatical, and theological natures. Seldom will a correct understanding of a biblical passage be secured if any one of these components is misapplied or absent from the process of interpretation. Many of the contradictory conclusions reached in Bible study can be traced back to this one fact: the interpreter did not consider all the avenues available when trying to discover the Author/author's intended meaning. Therefore, in order to consistently understand the Bible, a student must have "keys" to understanding Scripture. This book is well worth the read if you are looking for a deeper understanding of the Bible. 454 pp.




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