Ask and Ye Shall Receive

by Walter C. Lanyon




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Ask, and Ye Shall Receive In his foreword, the author states, "These are books of inspiration, decoding the words of Jesus Christ. They are recorded as they came into being—with little or no change. They are for contemplation." There is indeed much for contemplation within these pages. Each short chapter is overflowing with truth, presented in a way which draws the reader in, inviting—and sometimes challenging—him to contemplate the deeper meanings that lie below the surface of the words, for this is the only way to truly "hear" the Word and begin to live free of fear, in the realization of your real and permanent identity. "You, beloved, were created for the purpose of permitting this Power to take shape and form through your body. You are the beloved of God. You are the golden Buddha. You are the Christ of God. Behold!" The truths presented here are transformative. They are not new; rather they are the eternal Truth, and we are given the opportunity to drink deeply of them and experience the joy of their unfolding in a very practical way. "There is not one empty vessel left; even the borrowed ones are full. The Love of God keeps flowing until everything is satisfied."





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