Ask, Believe, Receive: 7 Days to Increased Wealth, Better Relationships and a Life You Love (Audiobook)

by David Hooper




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This audiobook is a 7 day process which will allow you to increase your wealth, have better relationships, experience better health, and live a life you love.  You will learn exactly how to attract everything you've ever wanted in life. You'll receive easy-to-follow instruction on how to improve all the important areas of your life including: Money, Relationships, Health, Career, Business. The Law of Attraction isn't just theory. It's backed by modern science as well as every major religion in the world, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Now you can use the unlimited power of the Law of Attraction to make a difference in your life. Take everything one day at a time...literally. This book has been organized into five, 7-day plans, with each plan concentrating on a specific life concern. Simply read one passage per day and incorporate the teachings into your life. Then just sit back and allow your dreams to happen. 2 hours, 2 minutes.


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