Both Riches and Honor

by Annie Rix Militz




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Annie Rix Militz teaches us to view prosperity in the right way, as the Presence of God. Therefore we should not reject or despise it, but see it as the legitimate expression of spiritual life. However, to be truly prosperous, selfishness has to be overcome. Selfish people sometimes seem to attain prosperity, but the path of such prosperity is filled with decay and death. She also describes the trap of riches. It is the belief that money causes happiness. We are entitled to abundance, but it becomes a stumbling block if we attach the wrong value to it. When we see God as the source of our prosperity and realize that our thoughts and our trust bring us prosperity and are not attached to the material, we are truly prosperous.  Annie Rix Militz gives the following advise: Be patient in faith. 63 pp.





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