Common Sense: How to Exercise It

by Yoritomo-Tashi



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The desire for knowledge, like the thirst for wealth, increases by acquisition, but as Bishop Lee has told us, "Knowledge without common sense is folly; without method it is waste; without kindness it is fanaticism; without religion it is death." But, Dean Farrar added: "With common sense, it is wisdom; with method it is power; with charity beneficence; with religion it is virtue, life, and peace." In these pages, Yoritomo-Tashi teaches his readers how to overcome such defects of the understanding as may beset them. He shows them how to acquire and develop common sense and practical sense, how to apply them in their daily lives, and how to utilize them profitably in the business world. To him common sense is the crown of all faculties. Exercised vigilantly, it leads to progress and prosperity, therefore, he says "enthusiasm is as brittle as crystal, but common sense is durable as brass." 85 pp.





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