Discover Your Creative Mind

by Brad Jensen




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EXCERPT from Discover Your Creative Mind: You may have heard that your mind is like an iceberg, with 9/10ths of it below the level that we can see. You may also have heard that most people do not use 90% of their brain. You can learn to explore and use that portion of your mind which is out of view for most people. The inner part of your mind is a fascinating place. It holds all of your hopes and dreams, your fantasies and the seed of the future that you will create for yourself. Just as each plant has its foundation in the hidden soil of the earth, so too are your thoughts based in the inner part of yourself. By learning what goes into creating within the inner part of your mind and what the process of growth is for your thoughts, you can learn how to make your thoughts stronger and healthier, and enrich your existence. 12 pp.






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