Dollars Want Me: The New Road to Opulence

by Henry H. Brown




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Dollars Want Me' reveals The Secret to attracting money into your life! This little book teaches you how to radiate your mental forces so as to cause the dollar to feel you, love you, seek you out, thus empowering you to draw at will, all things you need from the Universal Supply. It will help you rise above the drudgery of dollars for labor and enable you to enter upon the divine increase plane of life with the joy and expectancy of a child. Expanding on premise of 'The Secret', you are shown how to attract money by aligning your feelings and spoken words. You will learn to create a state of expectance and know that money wants to come to you. Using the Law of Attraction you become a magnet for money. You are then given a series of powerful affirmations that attracts money into your life. 23 pp.



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