The Finger of God

by Thomas Parker Boyd




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Life expresses itself by certain definite movements, which we call Laws, and no movement of life is possible apart from Law. In the purely spiritual realm, the Laws of Expression are invariable and absolute. God is only good, in whom is no evil. God is Light, and "in Him is no darkness at all." He is strength, in whom is no weakness at all. He is health, in whom is no sickness, and abundance, in whom is no poverty at all. The Law of Declaration consists in redirecting attention from effects to causes, from material sensations to spiritual facts, from relative reality to absolute Divine Life. If we direct attention to the body and its sensations, images and experiences of pain and weakness and sin will fill our perception. The Law of Command directs the attention to those spiritual realities, which by steadfastly beholding it, will fill our perception with images of God's health, strength, goodness, love, peace and abundance. 63 pp.



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