First Lessons in New Thought; Or, The Way to the Ideal Life

by J. W. Winkley




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The author makes an attempt to show the influence of the mind on the body and disease. The book gives "lessons" to the beginner in the cure of his own body. Our good health, the author states, depends on our good thoughts: The very states of mind - right thoughts, good feelings, lofty passions, noble desires and affections - which are healthful tend to keep us well, and, if we are ill, to restore us to health, and are also the natural normal thoughts and feelings for us; are also virtuous, moral, spiritual and truly religious. Faith, trust, love, good-will, chastity, purity of heart, nobleness o soul, humility, magnanimity, righteousness, holiness - these are religion itself, and make up virtue, morals, spirituality. Appositely, the ill states of mind and heart and soul - all ill-feelings and evil passions, which, as we have found, are unhealthful and therefore unnatural and out of harmony with our true nature - are immoral, vicious, unspiritual, and irreligious. 71 pp.



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