Freedom of Mind in Willing

by Rowland G. Hazard




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Contents include: Of the Existence of Spirit; Of the Existence of Matter; Of Mind; Liberty or Freedom; Of Cause; Of the Will; Of Want; Of Matter as Cause; Of Spirit as Cause; Freedom of Intelligence; Instinct and Habit; Illustration from Chess; Of Want and Effort in Various Orders of Intelligence; Of Effort for Internal Change; Conclusion. Book II -- Review of Edwards on the Will. 'Edwards' Definition of Will; Liberty as Defined by Edwards; Natural and Moral Necessity; Self-Determination; No Event without a Cause; Of the Will's Determining in Things Indifferent; Relation of Indifference to Freedom in Willing; Contingence; Connection of the Will with the Understanding; Motive; Cause and Effect; God's Foreknowledge; Conclusion. 504 pp.




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