Home Course in Mental Science: Create the Life You Want

by Helen Wilmans




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This is the complete 20-lesson series of Helen Wilmans' Mental Science course The course is supplemented by Edward Earle Purinton's "Efficiency Study Guide" written exclusively for these lessons. Contents: Omnipresent Life; Thought, the Body-Builder; Our Beliefs; Denials; Affirmations; The Soul of Things; Faith, Our Guide Through the Dark; Spirit and Body are One; Prayer and Self-Culture; The Power Behind the Throne; The King on the Throne; Mental Science a Race Movement; Mental Science in Flesh and Blood; Personality and Individuality; The Stone that the Builders Rejected; A Noble Egoism a Foundation for Just Actions; Recognition of the Will the Cure of Disease; Practical Healing; and Posture of the Will Man. 217 pp.





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