How the Mind Works

by Christian D. Larson




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Every man or woman is as they think. Therefore they can change themselves, their life, and even their circumstances, by changing their thought. But before they can change their thought they must understand those laws and processes through which thought is produced; that is, they must know how the mind works. The mind that masters itself creates its own ideas, thoughts and desires through the original use of its own imaging faculty, while the mind that does not master itself forms its thoughts and desires after the likeness of impressions received through the senses; and is therefore controlled by the conditions from which those impressions come. The destiny of every individual is being created hourly by themselves, and that something that determines what they are to create at any particular period in time, is the sum total of their desires and ideals. How the Mind Works is a book of exceptional value, and is of vital interest to anyone who wants to live their life fully and completely - more health, more wealth, and more happiness. 117 pp.





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