How to Get What You Want

by Orison Swett Marden




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The framework of your life structure is invisible. It is on the mental plane. You are laying the foundation for your future, fixing its limits by the expectations you are visualizing. You cannot do anything bigger than you plan to do. The mental plans always come first. Your future building will merely be carrying out in detail what you are visualizing today. The future is simply an extension of the present. You are right now by your thought habit, by your prevailing mental attitude, making your place in life. You are locating yourself, settling what you are to be. In other words, you are right now making your future, deciding what your position in the world shall be. And it will be broad, ever growing, ever expanding, or it will become narrower, according to your mental plan, according to the vision you see. Contents include: How to Get What You Want, Discouragement a Disease, How to Cure It, The Force that Moves Mountains, Faith and Drugs, How to Find Oneself, How to Attract Prosperity, Heart-to-Heart Talks With Yourself, and more. 335 pp.




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