How to Make Money

by B. F. Austin




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This very hard to find book from 1913 is comprised of three lectures
of "The Laws of Financial Success" on money making. The purpose
of these lectures is to raise your mental and spiritual vibrations to
inspire hope, faith, courage, to awaken larger thought within the
mind. B. F. Austin insists that to be truly wealthy and able to enjoy
your wealth requires driving fear and worry out of your life. "Fear has
a strange magnetic power," he points out. It seems to be a magnet
with great force, drawing into the orbit of the life the very object feared
by the mind. The book's aim is to awaken you from mental slumber,
to show the unlimited resources in human nature - the unseen yet
open doors to mental wealth first, then as a natural sequence to wealth
in material conditions, and thus enlarge and ennoble the life as well as
add to its material expressions. If your pressing need is to demonstrate
a greater flow of money into your life then this is the book for you. 61 pp.



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