The Inner Secret; Or, That Something Within

by Anonymous




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The story of a man pursuing the quest for the inner secret of success
and power, that quest which at times has set your soul on fire. The
quest led this man through dark and rough places, along the edges of
of dangerous chasms, but in the end he reached the heights and found
"that" which answered all his questions and responded to his every need.
His quest and all that he learned can be discovered in this book so that
the reader can make "it" work for himself. The author states the
following in reference to this book, "Whether the story represents the
actual experience of some one certain individual, or of several such
individuals, is not essential; neither is it necessary to indicate the
identity of such person or persons, assuming that he, or they, are actual
individuals...If it suits the purposes of publication to announce the story
under the classification of fiction, by all means do so..." 180 pp.





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