The Law and the Word

by Thomas Troward




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Thomas Troward was one of the leading proponents of the New Thought movement, which was a forerunner to what is now commonly known as New Age. The Law and the Word explores the connection between thought energy, scientific reasoning, and creative power. In this book, he discusses analogies and references to science and technology including the telegraph, radioactivity and flying machines. The Law and the Word is one of Troward's most important accomplishments and is an important constituent of the New Thought movement. Chapters include Some Facts in Nature, Some Psychic Experiences, Man's Place in the Creative Order, The Law of Wholeness, The Soul of the Subject, The Promises, and Death and Immortality. It is impossible to over estimate his importance to the New Thought movement. His intense fusion of Eastern and Western philosophy is unmatched. 75 pp.



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