Light on Life's Difficulties

by James Allen




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James Allen was one of the most popular writers in the fields of inspiration and spirituality at the turn of the 20th century, and here, he tackles the myriad problems facing the world and all its people from a perspective of mind over matter. Shining a light of plain-spoken wisdom on everything from the personal (a sense of proportion, good manners and refinement) to the global (war and peace, diversities of creeds), he motivates us all the take a hand in making the world a better place... for ourselves and for everyone. Light on Life's Difficulties offers twenty-three stirring essays that provide clear direction to those in search of personal truths. Both motivating and inspiring, this book is designed to shed light on those areas of our lives that we have become uncertain about--areas such as spirituality, self-control, individual liberty, values, war and peace, and so much more. Contents include: The Light that Leads to Perfect Peace, The Law of Cause and Effect in Human Life, Values - Spiritual and Material, Adherence to Principle, The Sacrifice of the Self, The Management of the Mind, Self-Control, Acts and their Consequences, The Way of Wisdom, The Blessing and Dignity of Work, Good Manner and Refinement, Diversity of Creeds, War and Peace, The Brotherhood of Man, Life's Sorrows, Life's Change, Etc. 79 pp.




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