Living the Creative Life

by Joseph Herbert Appel




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Table of Contents: Finding the Creative Power Within; Analyzing
the Creative Power Within; First Steps Towards Efficiency; A Chart
of Efficiency; The Way to Efficiency; Failure Of Efficiency; The
Beginning Of Creative Life; The Creative Power In Man; How The
Creative Spirit Works In Man; Replacing Efficiency With Creativeness;
A Chart of Creative Living; Qualities of Creative Living; Doing; Health;
Some Rules Of Health; Energy; Understanding; Action; Endurance;
Hospitality; Carefulness; Thoroughness; Concentration; Knowing;
Observation; Reading And Study; Intuition; Memory; Imagination Or
Visualization; Application To Practice; Practice As A Habit; Growing;
Ability; Dependability; Interest; Self-reliance; Tenacity; Conservation;
Vision; Ambition; Loyalty; Faith; Initiative; Living and Being; Good
Thoughts; Good Habits; Self-control; Good Friends; Happiness; Thrift;
Peace And Contentment; A Sense Of Humor; Co-operation; Reverence
And Worship; Realizing the Creative Power in Living It; Creative Doing;
Analyzing Our Work; Planning Our Work; Working Our Plan; Checking
Up; Creative Knowing; Ask Questions; Adapt Ourselves; Standardize;
Use Common Sense; Creative Growing; Set a Goal; Strive to Reach the
Goal; Discipline Ourselves; Creative Living And Being.  245 pp.




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