The Mental Cure

by Warren Felt Evans




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Full Title: Mental Cure, Illustrating the Influence of the Mind on the Body, Both in Health and Disease, and the Psychological Method of Treatment (1869). While the exact circulation figures for these books is not known, a ninth edition of The Mental Cure was called for more than sixteen years after it was first issued; Primitive Mind Cure went into at least five editions, and it is most likely that various editions of his other books appeared also. One certain fact is that he was the first and indeed the only figure, aside from Mrs. Eddy, who attempted to work out a consistent philosophically supported system of what may be called mental or metaphysical healing, during the first two decades after the death of P. P. Quimby. The New Thought periodicals which began to appear in the late 1880's continued to carry advertisements for his books at least to the end of the century, and copies of the books were to be found in the major public libraries and the libraries of most New Thought leaders and centers. 188 pp.





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