The Message of New Thought

by Abel Leighton Allen




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New Thought is not a religion of yesterday or a philosophy for
tomorrow - but for today. It is a religion of life and for man's use. Its
purpose is to teach man how to live now and to find the highest and
best in life. Our yesterdays are gone, our today is here. Yesterday is
only a dream, tomorrow is only a vision. We cannot control the past,
but we can perform the duties of today. Today will be the past
tomorrow; we can only make it glorious by acting well today. New
Thought presents a religion of life and that the best preparation for the
continued existence of the soul, after the last great change, is a life
worthwhile here. This has been the message of the masters of thought
in all ages. New Thought is a philosophy of the living, a religion for
today. 175 pp.



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