Mission Statement

What is the most direct route to our best and fullest life? What we all want is to live a whole life, a complete life, a full life, a life of abundance, joy, and love. The question, and the quest, is: HOW? 

You were born with the intrinsic right and privilege to become all that you can be, all that you were born to be: a whole, free, sovereign, universal, individual; a person, fully alive. You were not born to live a second-hand life, a life of deficiency, a life that is lacking in abundance, love, or joy. Your movement toward a better way, a better life, the fullness of life, includes acquiring new knowledge, new principles, and new practices. It is our purpose, our mission, to inspire you spiritually, empower you emotionally and elevate you financially in order to live a prosperous and abundant life. We will provide you with a complete course of materials so that you can study, learn, understand, and apply the principles of success, prosperity, and achievement.  The eBooks that are presented in this website are presented in a manner as to provide a systematic and thorough study of the principles that inspire, empower, and elevate the human spirit.

It is a fact that no one and nothing can put an idea into anyone's mind. We can only put the material before you. Appropriation of the principles and application of the principles in your own life is a process no one but you can carry out for you. What you will make of it depends entirely upon you. No one paddles your canoe but you. If you are prepared to make a commitment to yourself and to those you love, then you will enjoy our collection of self-improvement eBooks.

Thank you in advance!

T. Richardson







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