Money in My Pocket: The Manual to Help You Keep It There

by Paul Darvell




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This manual is designed to help you gain better control of your finances, whether that is to help you reduce your debts, become debt free or to increase your disposable income. We will teach you skills and techniques that will stay with you and remain valid for the rest of your life. This is a self help manual, it's is not a "get rich quick" scheme. Nor is it anything that is illegal, immoral or fraudulent. This manual contains information that we can all use. Its not magic, just common sense. Hopefully by the end of this manual you will be able to understand your finances better and manage your money by applying the tips that you will learn. Anyone who has problems managing their money can learn from this manual, regardless of your circumstances. This manual was written to give you ideas and get you thinking about how you can help yourself to better control your finances by minimizing your outgoings and increasing your income. Not all of the ideas within this manual will suit everybody. Therefore, please seek independent advice before implementing the ideas mentioned in this manual which may result in loss or require you to be bound by contracts. 47 pp.




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