Neville Goddard Lectures, Vol. I: 56 Lectures

by Neville Goddard



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Neville Goddard reveals the Laws of the Universe even before "The Secret" in his many lectures from 1954 to 1972.  You can now have fame, fortune just by tapping into your infinite self and your infinite power through learning Neville's secret wisdom of how to use your imagination and create your own reality! Neville had a gift of vision and experienced perception of a different kind. He developed his imagination to the point where he was able to use it to get what he imagined. Most of his early lectures are lost because there was no way to accurately record them before the invention of reel-to-reel tape. We have gathered and searched for these wonderful lectures and have found over 280 lectures (divided into 5 volumes) and are making them available in .pdf format. His thoughts and ideas resonates now more than ever before because of the many discoveries in the last 30 years from science. Now you have the opportunity to experience Neville's wisdom and truth for yourself!  *RARE



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