Not Hypnotism, But Suggestion

by Henry H. Brown




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Foreword: Were you to learn that in a certain vault was untold treasure, and that, could you find the KEY, it would be yours, what would you do? Did you know that beneath your acres lie valuable mines of precious ore and only a certain form of dynamite would rift the hills and expose it, what would you do? Did some expert convince you that wells of oil lie under your field and only a certain drill would bore to it, what would you do? Did you ascertain that a certain book held all the information to make you wise in your dealings with men; that it would make each waking hour happy and each sleeping one peaceful, and that only by a great sacrifice could you obtain it, what would you do? You would sacrifice all you at present possessed, for you would know that, possessing these, millions more would be yours. You possess now all these treasures. You are able to pay for their revelation. Will you? 57 pp.



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