The Power of Thought

by Henry Thomas Hamblin




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The power of thought is an amazing energy which mankind has at its disposal. The world today is in its present state simply as a result of mankind's collective thinking; each nation is in its present state of either peace and prosperity, poverty, murder and anarchy, simply as a result of its thinking as a nation; and each individual's quality of life is the result of their thinking. What a person thinks is the mainspring of all their actions. The power of thought can make the unsuccessful successful in the battle of life. It is the power which can make the loftiest achievement possible. It is the power by which difficulties can be overcome, disadvantages of birth and parentage surmounted, and the life beautified and inspired and energized with God-given powers. In this small book Hamblin shares with the reader his experience and insights into the nature of thought. 48 pp.




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