Pushing to the Front; Or, Success

Under Difficulties (2 Vol. Set)

by Orison Swett Marden




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In Pushing to the Front Orison Swett Marden gives invaluable advice on how to achieve success. Waiting in line will simply not work, one must push to the front. But there are wrong ways and right ways to push. Follow this practical, no-nonsense advice and you will find yourself moving to the front of the line! Volume one of a two volume set. Partial Contents: Man and the Opportunity; Boys with no Chance; Opportunities where You Are; How Poor Boys and Girls go to College; What Career? Choosing a Vocation; Triumphs of Enthusiasm; What a Good Appearance will Do; Personality as a Success Asset; A Fortune in Good Manners; Self-consciousness and Timidity Foes to Success; Tact or Common Sense; Do it to a Finish; Reward of Persistence; Clear Grit; Success Under Difficulties; Observation as a Success Factor; Self-improvement Habit; Raising of Values. Volume two of a two volume set. Partial Contents: Getting Aroused; Man with an Idea; Dare; Will and the Way; Unwavering Aim; Might of Little Things; Salary You do not find in your Pay Envelope; Expect Great Things of Yourself; Stand for Something; Habit, the Servant, the Master; Power of Purity; Habit of Happiness; Put Beauty into Your Life; Education by Absorption; Power of Suggestion; Curse of Worry; Take a Pleasant Thought to Bed with You; Conquest of Poverty; New Way of Bringing up Children; Thrift; College Education at Home; Discrimination in Reading; Why Some Succeed and Others Fail; Gray Hairs Seeking a Job; Character has Power; Rich Without Money. 869 pp.




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