The Realm of Reality

by W. John Murray




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From the author: "Now, just as the picture on the canvas is a poor representation to the senses of the natural landscape, so the natural landscape is a poor reflection on a higher plane of that 'better country' of the mind whose 'maker and builder is God.' And lest we delude ourselves into thinking that this better country is something we can see only after we die, it might be well to state that it is that Realm of Reality, or Kingdom of Heaven within, of which Jesus spoke, and to which we have only to open the inner eye of the understanding in order to perceive." --W. John Murray. Table of Contents: The Unknown God; The Second Coming; Working with the Law; The Creative Power of the Ideal; Self-Discovery Through Truth; Walking by Faith; Is Disease Real, or Apparent?; Health, and How to Obtain It; Spiritual Medicine; Because of Your Unbelief; The Will to Be Well; Mind and Microbes; A New Beginning; Demonstrating Prosperity; Inexhaustible Abundance; The Law of Attraction; The Law of Vibration; Not According to Appearances; Pictures and Personalities; Discouragement; Intuition; The Nativity and Maturity of Jesus; Lost in Transit; The Hidden Mystery. 148 pp.





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