Studies in the Thought World; Or, Practical Mind Art

by Henry Wood




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In this book, Henry Wood studies concepts like Vital Energy, the Divinity of Nature, the conscious and subconscious, and even, the possibility of mental healing (that he expands in later books). In general, is a treaty on the beautiful ideas of New Thought, in the pen of one of the forefathers of the movement. Partial Contents: Ownership Through Idealism; The Evolutionary Climb of Man; A Great Art Museum; The Vital Energy and Its Increase; A Corrected Standpoint in Physical Research; The Divinity of Nature; The Unity of Diversity; The Dynamics of Mind; Auto-Suggestion and Concentration; Omnipresent Divinity; The Education of Thought; The Nature and Uses of Pain; The Sub-Conscious Mind; The Psychology of Crime; The Signs of the Times. 218 pp.




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