Timidity: How to Overcome It

by Yoritomo-Tashi




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The teachings of Yoritomo-Tashi, the famous Japanese philosopher, reveal the path to overcoming timidity through 12 lessons. Yorimoto deals with timidity as a physician would with an everyday disease. At the very start he declares that it may be cured quite like diseases generally recognized as such. The 12 lessons in the ebook are, strictly speaking, merely chapters of the book through which the sage's many wise statements are scattered. Some of these chapters deal with the various kinds of timidity with which human beings are afflicted, others illustrate how timidity grows worse as the victim's age increases; others - and these are the most striking in the work - with Yorimoto's systems of preventing timidity in its early stages and eliminating it after it has become serious. The ebook is enlivened with many anecdotes dealing with cases in which these systems were successfully applied. 179 pp.






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