The Way of Peace

by James Allen




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This book takes a close look at the benefits of meditation. Learn
how you can bring more peace, joy, and well-being into your life.
Truth is the one Reality in the universe, the inward Harmony, the
perfect Justice, the eternal Love. Nothing can be added to it, nor
taken from it. It does not depend upon any man, but all men
depend upon it. Chapters include: The Power of Meditation, The
Two Masters: Self and Truth, The Acquirement of Spiritual Power,
The Realization of Selfless Love, Entering into the Infinite, Saints,
Sages, and Saviors, The Law of Service, The Realization of Perfect
Peace. This is truly self-help for the inner self, from a man who
believed that we alone can master our own destinies. 40 pp.



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