The Will to Be Well

by Charles Brodie Patterson




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In the mind of man there is the dawning of a new and vital fact that the authority of law is resident in his own life; that health, strength, and happiness, as conditions of mind and body, must be made manifest through conscious effort on his part by the use of spiritual qualities and mind faculties; that through the indwelling spirit his mind must be quickened and renewed and his body strengthened and made whole. Contents: What the new thought stands for; Unity of life; Demand and supply; Law of attraction; Mental influences; Freedom, individual and universal; Hearing and doing; Mission of Jesus; Religion of Christ; Things worth remembering; Laws of health; Spiritual treatment; Crusade against Christian science; Man, past, present and future; Way of salvation; Kingdom of God; Spirit of praise; Kingdom of man; Dawn of a new age. 250 pp.



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