The World is What You Make It

by Herbert Franklin



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EXCERPT: How often we hear the remark, "If I had my life to live over again, I would do different." This remark has been made not only by people of old age, but by those of middle age and even younger. Going back to the people of real old age, who have only a few years at the most to be with us, we find them, in one sense of the word, living over their past life; and what do they see? Two things loom up like mountains above all others, and these two things are "the right and the wrong of life." Taking that which is wrong in life, it is seen more or less everywhere the world over, rich or poor, old or young, in the city, or right at home in your little town; it makes no difference as to who or where it is, it's cropping out all around you. 39 pp.





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