You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought

by Peter McWilliams




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This title is about the power of positive thought - and about how negative thinking can wreck lives. Negative thinking is seen as a debilitating illness that will slowly kill your spirit - and for some people lead to actual physical disease. Happily though, this is not a doom-filled book at all! The authors show how to: eliminate the negative - spend less time thinking "down" and negative thoughts; accentuate the positive - spend more time focusing on the positive things in your life; and latch on to the affirmative - enjoy each moment! It contains inspirational, funny, and moving quotes. This book was written in part specially for those who have been diagnosed with severe illness. Negative thinking drags you down - whilst a truly positive approach will have a positive effect on your whole self - thus promoting good physical health. This title shows you how to focus on the positive. 38 pp.



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